About Us

The Atha-B, as it has been affectionately known for decades to locals and travelers alike, occupies the site of one of Jaspers earliest hotels.

Circa 1913-1915, when the dusty railway town of Fitzhugh was becoming known by it’s new name of Jasper, Douglas Wooley’s grocery store and ladies wear shop housed a rooming house upstairs. Until (circa) 1921, the Imperial Bank of Canada was also housed inside the building. In 1921, Jasper rooms renovated and expanded into the adjoining building to the north and became officially known as the Athabasca Hotel.

In 1928, the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company purchased the original wooden structure building and replaced it with a grand, three story brick building, designed by George Fordyce of Calgary. With its immense height and footprint, the new Athabasca Hotel stood as a fortress at the corner of Patricia and Miette, virtually the pulse of Jasper. The new establishment catered to the adventurous tourist, game hunter, fishermen, alpine climber and man of business. As the road between Edmonton and Jasper was not completed until 1928, visitors were met at the railway station and whisked away by the hotel’s autos to unexpected luxury, grandeur and charm in the heart of the pioneering community.

Through our renovations we have returned the Athabasca Hotel to it’s original stature as a premier destination in Canada’s wild rocky mountains. We at the Athabasca Hotel are always striving to ensure you receive all the modern amenities and still enjoy the nostalgic charm and old world flare that the Athabasca Hotel is known and recognized for. We are committed to providing a friendly and efficient service, exceptional quality, comfort and selection at affordable prices.